DJI OM 4 Compact Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer


Product Highlights

  • A video stabilizer, iPhone gimbal, or Android gimbal
  • Magnetic, foldable, and ultra-compact
  • Suitable for vlogging or shooting travel videos

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The newest DJI phone gimbal is designed for couples, families, vloggers, and anyone that wants to shoot the best content from their phone. The new magnetic design is a significant upgrade, which allows you to snap your phone in place and shoot instantly. DJI OM 4 also supports heavier phones and requires minimal levelling. Simply put, DJI OM 4 makes shooting smart and easy.

The trouble with shooting on the go is sometimes it just takes too much time. DJI OM 4 is designed specifically for quick shooting, featuring a new magnetic design that lets you attach and detach your phone in seconds. If you are browsing through your phone and suddenly stumble across something worth shooting, just connect DJI OM 4 to the magnetic holder, and you are good to go. It’s that simple.

Extended Phone Support

DJI OM 4 has the strongest motor of all DJI phone gimbals, but what does that mean in terms of performance? Well, it means you can now mount heavier phones to the gimbal and still achieve smooth, stabilized footage. If that isn’t enough, the stronger motors also reduce leveling to a minimum, meaning DJI OM 4 is ready to shoot whenever you are.

Effortless Use

DJI OM 4 has a compact size that makes it super convenient to fold up, throw in a backpack, and take out for effortless shooting. All the main phone gimbal functions can be accessed from the convenient controls, and the single-hand form factor makes it a pleasure to use. If you are looking to shoot creative angles and shots, the new Flashlight mode makes it incredibly easy to achieve impressive results.

DJI OM 4 Intelligent Modes

It’s all well and good when a phone gimbal is easy to use, but the intelligent features are what make your videos pop. DJI OM 4 gives beginners an easy way to shoot creative videos with no advanced operating required.


Have you ever been flicking through your social media feed and seen some creative videos that make you stop and wonder how they were made? DynamicZoom is a brilliant feature that delivers Hollywood-style shots with a tap of a button. You can warp your footage and get a really cool shot that would look great on social media.

Gesture Control

Asking someone to take a picture for you can take all the fun out of shooting. This nifty feature allows you to use a gesture to take a photo or start recording. You no longer have to miss a moment because the passerby has cropped your head out the shot.

ActiveTrack 3.0

This is probably one of the most useful modes any smartphone user will need. From a playful puppy to a baby’s first steps, ActiveTrack 3.0 lets you capture moments of spontaneous action. The improved tracking mode has better recognition of people and scenery, taking all the hard work out of following your subject.

CloneMe Pano

You don’t need to be an expert in editing for this next one. CloneMe Pano produces an epic panorama that places you in multiple places at the same time. How? DJI OM 4 does all the hard work, taking several photos and giving you enough time to get to the next frame and pose.

Story Mode

Your favorite daily moments like a trip to the park or a Sunday barbecue are perfectly captured with Story Mode. This intelligent DJI OM 4 mode is packed with creative templates, perfect for social media posts.

Is DJI OM4 worth it?


DJI OM 4 is the perfect choice for people who want to shoot stabilized video without investing into a more complicated and expensive DSLR setup! The affordable gimbal allows anyone to try their hand at vlogging or shooting travel videos before deciding to invest time and energy into more advanced systems. The new DJI phone gimbal also offers more stability and functions than selfie sticks, and its compact size makes it just as easy to carry.

When you combine ease of use with creative shooting modes and convenient in-app editing, DJI OM 4 gives users looking for an iPhone gimbal or Android gimbal the ability to improve their photos and videos instantly. 

What's in the box?

  • 1 x DJI OM 4
  • 1 x Grip Tripod
  • 1 x Magnetic Phone Clamp
  • 1 x Magnetic Ring Holder
  • 1 x Power cable
  • 1 x Wrist Strap
  • 1 x Storage pouch
  • Brand
  • DJI
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