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National Geographic's pioneering use of photography is a vital element in the success of its mission to inspire people to care about the planet. Long recognized as a source of the most iconic and important images ever captured, National Geographic explores and photographs extreme environments and distant cultures. It also keeps a sharp eye trained close to home, documenting the surprising sides of more familiar natural and human landscapes.

With its footprints all over our landscapes, National Geographic understands better than anyone else the importance of comfort and protection during your exploration. So it is no surprise that their photo bags and tripods are designed to give you a peace of mind. BECAUSE GREAT IMAGES ARE THE ONLY THINGS WORTH CAPTURING.

Earth Explorer Photo Bag Collection


If venturing into the wild and conquering the highest mountain is your passion, the Earth Explorer range of backpacks ans shoulder bags are just the right carrying systems for you. Developed to blend cutting-edge protection with elegant, traditional styling, Earth Explorer reflects National Geographic's dedication to exploration and its commitment to conservation. The Earth Explorer collection uses environmentally friendly components and sustainable materials such as hemp and cotton, and replaces plastic fastenings with brass buckles.

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