Slik Pro CF-634 Tripod with 535AS Ball Head Kit


Product Highlights

  • Lightweight; carbon fiber material
  • Compatible with high-end mirrorless cameras or professional camera bodies with a variety of lenses.
  • A.R.S (Anti-Rotational System) feature

$393.00 (inc GST)


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This kit is made up of Slik Pro CF-634 Tripod and Slik PBH-535 AS Ball head.

The SLIK PRO CF-634 weighs just 0.95kg making it an easy backpacking companion.  It extends to a height of 62.6 inches and folds down to a compact 18.7 inches for travel. This tripod handles up to 6.6 lbs easily. Use it with high-end mirrorless cameras or professional camera bodies with a variety of lenses.    

All 600 series carbon fiber tripods have legs made up of carbon fiber material that is actually comprised of 8 layers of inter-woven carbon strands that are then bonded together in a sealed, high-pressure furnace producing strong, light weight carbon fiber.  The legs also feature A.R.S (Anti-Rotational System) is designed into the leg locks and do not allow the individual legs sections to rotate inside each other. Each leg also has an independent lock that sets in one 3 angles to vary the height and stance of the tripod. The three setting are for maximum height, waist level or low angle photography close to the ground.  

The four leg sections are secured and loosened with twist locks. Because the legs are non-rotating, you can unlock all of a leg’s stages at once by twisting the three large rubber grips with one hand. This enables fast setup. 

Slik PBH-535 AS Ball head
The compact professional SLIK PBH-535AS ball head has an Arca-type quick release systems for mounting cameras.  This newly designed quick release allows select Arca-type compatible* quick release plate to lock into place from the side rather than siding in from the front or back.  This combined with the 635AS single level QR lock makes mounting and dismounting the camera much faster and easier than the traditional Arca-type system.  

This head also features a separate pan lock that locks the ball into place while allowing the head to rotate 360 degrees. Its tension knob controls the rate of the ball’s movement. The low-profile Arca-type quick release plates may be left on the camera and won’t hinder vertical shooting.  

The PBH-535AS ball head has a capacity 11.0 lbs. The head is capable of handling a full sized professional DSLR with standard lens. In addition to the standard easy grip ball lock lever the head has a tension adjustment knob to fine-tune the drag on the ball movement.

It also has a separate panoramic lock with degree markings around the base for stitching together for panoramic photos.

* Slik does not recommend using traditional Arca-type compatible quick release plates or L-brackets. Though the head will allow you to mount the plate it does not create a strong enough connection to allow the lever to lock in place. 

What's in the box?

  • 1 x Slik Pro CF-634 Tripod with 535AS Ball Head Kit
  • Brand
  • Slik
  • Leg Sections
  • 4
  • Minimum Height
  • 105mm
  • Maximum Height (with Center Column Down)
  • 1310mm
  • Maximum Height
  • 1590mm
  • Closed Length
  • 475mm
  • Safety Payload Weight (kg)
  • 3
  • Materials
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Weight
  • 0.93 kg
  • Warranty
  • 3 Year
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