Gitzo GHF2W 2 Way Fluid Head


Product Highlights

  • Dedicated to birdwatching and wildlife video/photography
  • Extremely strong, yet compact and lightweight
  • Fluid cartridges for smooth and stick-sleep free movement
  • Always balanced equipment thanks to the counterbalance
  • Rubberized Arca-swiss compatible plate included
$534.00 (inc GST)

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The Gitzo 2 Way Fluid Head is an extremely compact fluid head with an essential, ergonomic design. The reflection-free surfaces offer good camouflage, which is especially critical for use in wildlife applications. The head also provides a comprehensive set of technical features, combined with an exceptional performance-compactness ratio.

The new 2 Way Fluid Head by Gitzo makes light work of easily capturing moving objects with unparalleled precision, since it's fluid cartridges guarantee smooth, broad movements without stick-slip during observation and shooting, even over a wide range of temperatures. Furthermore, switching from capturing pictures to shooting videos is incredibly quick and easy with the Gitzo 2 Way Fluid Head’s video configuration, with rapid setup through the integrated pan bar. 

The 2 Way Fluid Head was designed respecting Gitzo’s unmistakably elegant and clean style, which represents the industry’s standard for excellence.


*Tripod legs and camera for illustration purposes only. 

What's in the box?

1 x Gitzo GHF2W 2 Way Fluid Head

  • Materials
  • Aluminum, Magnesium
  • Safety Payload Weight
  • 4
  • Pan Bar Included
  • Yes
  • Quick Release
  • Yes
  • Tilt Drag
  • fluid cartridge with fixed drag
  • Ball Locking
  • No
  • Front Tilt
  • +90° / -60°
  • Independent Pan Lock
  • Yes
  • Independent Tiit Lock
  • Yes
  • Plate Type
  • GS5370D
  • Warranty
  • 7 Year

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