Sony CineAlta BURANO Digital Cinema Camera with 8K Sensor Bundle


Product Highlights

  • Compact, Highly Mobile Design
  • Full-Frame CMOS 8.6K Sensor
  • 16 Stops of Dynamic Range
  • In-Body Image Stabilization|E & PL Mount
  • Dual-Base 800/3200 ISO Range
  • Electronically Variable 0.6-21ND Filter
  • Phase Detection AF | Face/Eye Tracking
  • Full-Frame & Super35 Sensor Modes
  • Supports Multiple Frame Rates & Codecs
  • Dual CFExpress Type B Card Slots
$42,077.00 (inc GST)
Regular price: $43,375.00

Bundle consists of:

  • 1pc Sony CineAtla Burano Digital Cinema Camera
  • 1pc Sony BP-GL95B Battery
  • 2pcs Sony 960GB CFexpress Type B TOUGH Memory Card
  • 1pc Sony GP-VR100 Grip

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Versatile, lightweight, and compact full-frame 8K cinema camera with 16 stops of latitude, and image stabilisation for PL and E-mount lenses. Easily configurable for solo and team production.

A New Era in Cinematography

BURANO is a new concept in cinema cameras. It takes VENICE’s superior image quality and usability but re-imagines it for solo and small team productions. 33% lighter than VENICE 2, more power efficient and supporting CFexpress media – it’s not just our smallest full-frame CineAlta camera, in many ways, it’s our most technically advanced. Expect uncompromising image quality wherever you are, whatever the size of your crew.

Smarter Shooting

BURANO makes shooting highest quality 8K simpler than you can imagine. The world’s first PL mount-compatible camera with a built-in stabilisation system*. A ground-breaking combination of our unique electronic variable ND filter system with in-body image stabilisation (IBIS) in a full-frame PL and E-mount cinema camera. For the first time in a full-frame CineAlta camera, Fast Hybrid and Subject Recognition AF with AI makes it easier to get the shots you want under the most demanding scenarios. With BURANO, you don’t need a studio or big crew to excel.

* As of September 2023, based on Sony research for cinema cameras with standard equipped PL mount

Shoot The Way You Want

BURANO adapts to be the camera you want to be whatever the shoot. A multi-purpose touchscreen LCD monitor, with a flexible mounting system and a versatile, robust handle, allows you to easily configure BURANO for different shooting styles. A lightweight, compact chassis and ergonomic balance make it easy to switch between shoulder-mount, handheld, gimbal, or drone operation. BURANO can be configured for large and small projects, solo or with an entire crew. It’s all your choice.

Full-Frame 8.6K Sensor

BURANO has a large 36x24mm full-frame image sensor that delivers high-quality images and superb rendition with wide latitude and a rich colour gamut. It achieves the beautiful bokeh and dynamic wide-angle shooting that only a full-frame sensor can provide. 8K image quality with a maximum resolution of 8632 x 4856 and, through oversampling, it can output phenomenal-looking 4K content.

Multiple Image Scan Modes

BURANO supports 16:9 and 17:9 readouts in full-frame (8.6K) and Super 35mm (5.8K). Image scan modes include full-frame and Super35 as well as finely optimised down-sampled and high-speed modes such as 6K 60p (FF crop), 5.8K 60p (S35), and 4K 120p (S35 crop*) catering for a wide range of production requirements.

* Only 17:9 in Super 35 Cropped (S35c) mode

BURANO Imager Modes

X-OCN LT recording mode.

* For some lenses, there may be an upper limit on the frame rate, depending on the combination with the recording format.

16 Stop Latitude

With a wide latitude of 16 stops*, BURANO captures beautiful, low-noise images under almost any lighting conditions. The camera’s wide dynamic range captures everything from highlights to shadows expertly with superb colour rendition, giving operators maximum flexibility in colour grading.

* S-Log3 shooting. Sony measurements.

Wide Colour Gamut

BURANO features Sony’s signature S-Gamut/S-Gamut.Cine wide colour space that, as with the VENICE 2, covers a gamut exceeding BT.2020 and DCI-P3. S-Log3 and X-OCN also dramatically enhances creative flexibility in post-production. As BURANO offers the same colour accuracy as VENICE 2 it’s easy to use both cameras together for a seamless and efficient post-production workflow.

Dual Base ISO

Cinematographers worldwide love VENICE 2’s ability to switch the sensor’s sensitivity to capture clean images even in low light conditions. BURANO supports the same Dual Base ISO 800 and 3200 as VENICE 2. This means clear images with low noise whether shooting in a brightly lit environments (ISO 800) or in challenging dimly lit scenarios (ISO 3200). With BURANO, it’s possibly to shoot amazing imagery with nothing more than candlelight.

Internal 16-bit X-OCN LT and XAVC H recording

Despite its compact dimensions, BURANO offers internal recording of X-OCN LT* as well as our new XAVC H and proven industry standard XAVC-I format. X-OCN is Sony’s compressed RAW format that records everything that the 8.6K sensor can capture in a broad latitude 16-bit scene linear file full of rich tonal gradation. X-OCN LT’s high efficiency reduces storage requirements and accelerates file transfer times for 8K content for a post-production workflow that’s comparable to a 4K project.

BURANO also features 10-bit S-Log3 with XAVC H-I HQ recording at 1200 Mbps and XAVC H-I SQ recording at 800 Mbps for 8K30p image quality. This enables even greater data savings and faster post-production workflow.

* Not compatible with X-OCN XT and X-OCN ST recording formats

New in-camera Looks for Ready-to-Use Footage

BURANO has four new looks – Warm, Cool, Vintage and Teal and Orange – to choose between alongside the established s709 and 709 (800) looks in Cine EI mode. Creatively tuned to suit typical shooting scenarios, they give the operator a choice of distinctive, engaging looks at the touch of a button. Moreover, LUT data from a shoot can be embedded in those clips’ metadata for an efficient colour workflow.

s709: Kodak 2383-like natural tones and colours

s709(800): Standard 709 tone curve for accurate colour reproduction*

Teal and Orange

A modern, colorful, contrasty reformulation of the classic film look. With a strong separation between cool backgrounds and warm skin tones, it’s an ideal look for productions with a focus on human subjects.


A soft, gentle look with amber highlights, and flattering for skin.


Evokes the chill of a shadow, and the blue of twilight – ideal for midnight blue or the coolness of a city at dawn.


Transports the camera’s high-resolution cinema quality into a previous era. The look applies a film-like bleach bypass and faded, pale sepia effect.

These looks will be available as free downloads for on-set monitoring and post-production.

17 or 33 point 3D LUT files in CUBE (.cube) format can be imported. LUT files with other lattice sizes can be used after conversion in Catalyst Browse/Prepare.

Lens Mount Flexibility

PL Lens Mount

BURANO comes with the industry-standard PL lens mount and is compatible with Super 35mm and full-frame PL lenses (spherical and anamorphic). The lens mount includes contacts that support Cooke/i Technology, and lens information is recorded as metadata, frame by frame.

Lever Lock Type E-mount

E-mount lenses can be fitted when the PL mount adapter is removed. E-mount (lever lock type) gives users the ability to change lenses by rotating the locking collar rather than the lens itself, which means that in most cases lens support rigs don’t need to be removed, saving time during production. Sony’s ever-increasing range of E-mount lenses, from ultra-wide to ultra-telephoto, are supported by the BURANO’s advanced image stabilisation and AF capabilities – ideal for mobile and single-operator projects.

Anamorphic Lens De-Squeeze function

BURANO comes with an anamorphic de-squeeze function as standard. The monitoring menu gives a choice from 1.3x/2.0x, based on the anamorphic lens’ magnification. The result can be seen on the LCD monitor display, and on external monitors at FHD resolution. The camera monitor output supports SDI or HDMI for X-OCN shooting, and HDMI for non-X-OCN content.

In-Body Stabilisation with PL mount lenses

BURANO is the world’s first cinema camera that supports in-body optical image stabilisation (IBIS) for almost any attached lens, including for the first time PL. The new, compact image stabilisation system was originally developed for the Alpha series of mirrorless cameras. Featuring a gyroscopic sensor and control algorithm, it compensates for camera shake even for handheld shooting while walking. The stabilisation is so effective that it removes the need for any extra equipment for many applications.

Stabilisation is even greater with E-mount lenses, allowing more difficult shots to be captured without blurring. Camera shake data can be passed to post-production for precise alignment with CGI and in volume stages.

Diagram showing 5-axis image stabilisation for an e-mount lens compensating for pitch, yaw and roll.

Electronic Variable ND Filter

Sony’s unique electronic Variable ND Filter has been redesigned to be both smaller and compatible with the built-in image stabilisation mechanism. It can smoothly and continuously change its density from 0.6 (1/4) to 2.1 (1/128). With physical ND filters no longer needed, operators can adjust the electronic filter density by simply rotating the ND dial. Operators can maintain a constant depth of field by adjusting the electronic ND filter and the iris control together. Continuous or stepped changes can be selected with the ND STEP/VARIABLE switch, depending on the application. The [Auto ND] function automatically adjusts the filter density to give a correct exposure, effectively allowing the use of the ND filter as an alternative Auto IRIS.

Catch the action with Fast Hybrid AF*

Effortlessly track fast-moving subjects with pin-sharp focus, even when using wide lens aperture settings to maintain a shallow depth of field with BURANO’s full-frame sensor. Originally developed by Sony’s Alpha camera engineers, enhanced Fast Hybrid AF combines phase-detection AF for fast, accurate subject tracking with contrast AF for exceptional focus accuracy. In addition, Face Detection intelligently recognises and locks onto human faces.

The dedicated 627-point phase-detection AF sensor covers approximately 88.7% of the whole image area, allowing consistently accurate, responsive AF tracking, even with shallow depth-of-field.

AI Subject Recognition AF with touch*

Our onboard AI processing unit recognises not only eye position but also accurately senses human torso and head positions. Subject Recognition AF automatically draws a frame around people’s faces when they are detected. Human pose estimation technology recognises body and head position, so you can even track a subject facing away from the camera or wearing a mask.

Touch a person to focus on, and the camera will track that person precisely. Even in challenging situations like a bowed head or when hair covers a face, the camera accurately captures the eyes, so that operators can focus accurately even in the most difficult circumstances.

* Over 70 E-mount lenses can use BURANO’s advanced Hybrid AF and AI Subject Recognition AF features

Dual CFexpress Type B Slots

Sony’s new CFexpress card VPG400* allows for reliable capture at exceptionally high data rates, including X-OCN LT recording in full 8K.

BURANO’s dual media slots allow relay and simultaneous recording**, while versatile CFexpress Type B media are convenient for backing up and transferring data in the field. An additional SD card slot is for storing Proxy and camera setting information.

* Non-VPG CFexpress Type B memory cards are not guaranteed for normal operation.

** XAVC-only

Smaller, Lighter, Stronger

At 2.9 kg including the PL adaptor, BURANO is approximately 33% lighter than Sony’s top-of-the-line VENICE 2 digital cinema camera – a significant advantage when shooting hand-held or shoulder mounted, as well as when using with gimbal, drone, cranes and jibs.

All the button and key layouts have been carefully considered to suit the new compact size and solo or team operation. The main cinematography controls are on the Operator Switch Side and can be illuminated for use in dark environments. The camera has tally lights in three positions, so operators can check status from four different directions. There’s also an optional audio beep for recording start and stop.

Despite its compact size, BURANO is engineered to Sony’s highest standards of reliability with a housing constructed of sturdy magnesium alloy and aluminium for shooting in the harshest environments. Recording for hours on end is no problem with a highly efficient cooling system which is completely isolated from image sensor and other dust-sensitive components.

Exceptional ergonomics

Intuitive Menu Control with Touch

BURANO’s LCD Monitor has a quick access control menu for commonly accessed features. With a single touch, you can press to change key settings including:

  • Codec, Imager Scan mode, Picture Size and frequency
  • Base ISO/Sensitivity
  • Shooting Mode
  • Audio Levels

Versatile Monitor

BURANO features a 3.5-type LCD monitor that can be freely adjusted to suit the shooting style. A viewfinder loupe can be attached, autofocus is operated by touching the screen, and the display can also be mounted in a wide variety of ways to adapt to the project style.

Smart Grip Flexibility

Popular with operators around the world, the FS7/FX9 telescoping arm with grip control transformed shooting on the go and now with GP-VR100* we’ve made it even better for BURANO. The arm’s length is easily adjustable at the turn of a knob, while a quick-release lever adjusts the angle. Once perfectly adjusted for shooting from your shoulder or waist, Sony’s Grip Remote Control puts all the important controls at your fingertips with Zoom, Start/Stop and a range of Assign controls, including a dial you can use to adjust Iris. So, you can operate BURANO without taking your hand off the grip.

* Optional accessory

What's in the box?

  • Sony BURANO 8K Digital Motion Picture Camera
  • PL Mount
  • Handle with Viewfinder Arm
  • 4 x Handle Mounting Screw
  • LCD Monitor
  • Viewfinder Loupe
  • Viewfinder Mount Adapter
  • Circular Shim
  • 15 x 1/3 Arc Shim
  • E-Mount Cap
  • PL-Mount Cap
  • General
  • Camera type

    Digital motion picture camera

    Lens mount

    PL Mount (detachable)/ E-mount (lever lock type)

  • Camera Section
  • Type

    35mm full frame (35.9 x 24.0 mm), Exmor RS CMOS image sensor

    Number of pixels (effective)

    1Approx. 41.9 megapixels

    Optical low-pass filter


    Built-in ND filter

    CLEAR, linear variable ND (0.6(1/4) - 2.1(1/128))

    Gain control

    -3 to 18 dB (every 1 dB)


    16 stops

    Color temperature range

    2000 K - 15000 K

  • Recording System
  • Video compression

    X-OCN(LT), XAVC H Intra HQ, XAVC H Intra SQ, XAVC H Long, XAVC Intra, XAVC Long

    Audio recording format

    LPCM 4ch(48kHz 24bit)

  • Movie Functions
  • Slow & Quick Motion (S&Q)


    Proxy recording




  • Recording Media
  • Memory card slot

    SLOT A: Slot for CFexpress Type B card

    SLOT B: Slot for CFexpress Type B card, Slot for Utility SD card

  • Focus System
  • Type

    Fast Hybrid AF (phase-detection AF / contrast-detection AF)

    Focus point

    Max. 627 points (phase-detection AF)

    Recognition target (Movies)


    Other features

    AF Subj. Shift Sensitivity

    AF Transition Speed

    AF Assist

  • Exposure Control
  • ISO sensitivity

    ISO 800/3200 (Cine EI mode, D55 Light source)

  • Lcd
  • Type

    8.8 cm (3.5 type) TFT

    Touch panel


    Number of dots (total)

    2 764 800 dots

  • Shutter
  • Shutter speed

    Angle Mode: 5.6°to 360°, 2F to 64F

    Speed Mode: 1/8000 sec to 64F

  • Image Stabilization
  • Type

    Image Sensor-Shift mechanism with 5-axis compensation (Compensation depends on lens specifications)


    PL mount: High / Low / Off

    E-mount: Active / Standard / Off

  • Interface
  • PC interface


    USB Type-C® Terminal

    Yes (SuperSpeed USB 5 Gbps (USB 3.2) compatible)

    Wireless LAN (built-in)

    Yes (Wi-Fi Compatible, IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac (2.4 GHz band/5 GHz band))

    HDMI output

    HDMI connector (Type-A)

    XLR audio input

    Yes (3-pin (female) x2)

    Headphone terminal

    Yes (3.5 mm Stereo minijack)

    Remote terminal

    2.5 mm, 3-pole sub-mini type

    SDI output

    SDI OUT1: BNC, 12G-SDI, 6G-SDI, 3G-SDI (Level A/B), HD-SDI

    SDI OUT2: BNC, 3G-SDI (Level A/B), HD-SDI

    DC input

    XLR, 11 V to 17 V

    TC input / TC output

    BNC, TC IN / OUT Switchable

    Genlock input / Ref output

    BNC, REF IN / OUT Switchable

    Grip remote control connector

    3.5 mm, 4-pole mini jack

    LAN terminal

    Yes (1000BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 10BASE-T)

  • Audio
  • Microphone

    Built-in, monaural


    Built-in, monaural

  • Lens Compensation
  • Lens compensation

    E-mount: Shading, Chromatic Aberration, Distortion, Breathing

  • Power
  • Battery

    Battery pack BP-GL95B (Sold separately)

  • Power Consumption
  • With LCD screen

    Unit nominal power consumption: Approx. 50.0 W (lens, 6K 17:9, 59.94P, X-OCN LT recording, auto fan, excluding grip remote control and peripheral devices)

    Unit maximum power consumption: Approx. 66.0 W (lens, 6K 17:9, 59.94P, X-OCN LT recording, 40 °C (104 °F) environment, ND filter (1/4), proxy recording on, Wi-Fi on, auto fan, including grip remote control and peripheral devices)

  • Weight
  • Body only

    Approx. 2.4 kg (body only, excluding PL-mount adaptor)

    Body only (oz.)

    Approx. 5 lb 4.7 oz (body only, excluding PL-mount adaptor)

  • Dimensions
  • Dimensions (W x H x D)

    145.7 mm x 142.5 mm x 218.1 mm (body without protrusions)

    Dimensions (W x H x D) (in.)

    5 3/4 x 5 5/8 x 8 5/8 inches (body without protrusions)

  • Operation
  • Operating temperature

    0 - 40 ℃ / 32 - 104 °F

    Storage temperature

    -20 to 60 ℃ / -4 to 140 °F

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