Insta360 GO 3 Quick Release Mount


Product Highlights

  • Secure double-locking system for worry-free use.
  • Quick and convenient to mount or dismount.
  • Easily change between accessories with a 1/4 screw mount and 2-prong mount connection.
$62.00 (inc GST)


Quick Release Mount

Quick and easy mounting to start filming in a flash.


Strong magnet and clasp system for extra protection. No fear of GO 3 coming loose.

Flexible shooting.

Switch between a 1/4 screw and 2-prong mount for use with different accessories.

One-click is all it takes.

Snap-in or take out your cam in seconds.

How to Use


  1. Press the buckles on the two sides of the Quick Release Mount, and attach GO 3 or GO 3 with the Action Pod to the mount. GO 3 should be in the same direction as the camera mark on the Quick Release Mount. Press GO 3 or the Action Pod securely into the Quick Release Mount so the buckles on both sides lock.
  2. The 1/4 screw and 2-prong mount on the bottom of the Quick Release Mount support use with other accessories.


  1. This accessory contains magnets. Keep it away from pacemakers and other devices to avoid interference.
  2. Avoid using the Quick Release Mount in high-intensity action environments (such as high vibrations), or your camera may fall and be damaged.
  3. The back of the camera dissipates heat and will get hot during use. Avoid prolonged direct skin contact.

What's in the box?

  • 1x GO 3 Quick Release Mount
  • 1x Mount Extension
  • 1x Screw
  • 4x Anti-slip Rings
  • Dimensions
  • 67x16.3x13.5mm (2.6x0.6x0.5in)

  • Weight
  • 26.7g (0.9oz)

  • Materials
  • Die-cast aluminum

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