Insta360 X4 Invisible Dive Case


Product Highlights

  • Complete invisible design, allowing for complete 360° shots underwater.
  • Seamless underwater stitching.
  • Waterproof to 164ft (50m).
  • Crystal clear 360° video.
  • Use the Invisible Selfie Stick for awesome third-person views.
$150.00 (inc GST)


Insta360 X4

Invisible Dive Case

Greater protection, crystal-clear images.

Completely invisible 360° footage.

Our signature invisible design is back in action. Get complete 360° shots with zero obstructions, like nothing else!

Simply seamless.

A unique design that's easy to operate. Simply snap X4 in, dive in, and unlock insane shots underwater!

Go even deeper.

Shoot as deep as 164ft (50m), thanks to the secure housing of the Dive Case. It's even IPX8 waterproof.

Tried and tested.

Protection for your X4 in the depths guaranteed. Insta360's strict testing guarantees a secure case for your camera underwater.

What's in the box?

  • 1 x Insta360 X4 Invisible Dive Case
  • 12 x Anti-fog Inserts
  • 1 x 3-Prong to 1/4" Adapter
  • 1 x 1/4" Screw
  • 1 x Thumb Screw Wrench
  • 1 x Dive Case Carry Pouch
  • 1 x Lens Cloth
  • 4 x Stability Pads
  • Dimensions
  • 164.9 x 87.7 x 89.2 (6.5 x 3.5 x 3.5in)

  • Depth
  • 50m (164ft)

  • Weight
  • 155g (5.5oz)

  • Notes
    1. Do not open the Dive Case while it is wet.
    2. After using the product in seawater, take out X4 and soak the Dive Case in fresh water for at least 10 minutes (ensure the Dive Case is firmly closed beforehand). If the Dive Case is not rinsed after use in seawater, residual salt may crystalize in gaps. These salt crystals will not dissolve in water and can lift the rubber seal and cause water leakage. After soaking the Dive Case in fresh water, rinse it under gently flowing tap water. Never apply a strong water stream from a single direction, as it may cause water leakage.
    3. Ensure that the dive case is firmly closed before washing. After washing, wipe away any water droplets remaining on the surface with a soft, dry cloth and leave to dry. Ensure there is no sand on the Dive Case before drying as sand may scratch the product surface when wiped with a cloth. Do not dry with a hair dryer or any other heat source.
    4. Do not store the Dive Case in a hot or humid environment. For example, do not leave it inside a hot car.
    5. Do not wash the Dive Case with soap, neutral detergent, or alcohol cleaning products. This may degrade the waterproofing performance.
    6. Store the product in a dry, well-ventilated location.

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