Insta360 X4 Mic Adapter


Product Highlights

  • Add an external microphone to your camera for pro-level audio.
  • Precisely designed for Insta360 X4 and invisible when you shoot in 360°.
  • A 3.5mm audio port and Type-C port allow you to connect the mic and charge the camera simultaneously.
  • Buckle system ensures a strong connection and convenient assembly/disassembly.
$30.00 (inc GST)


Insta360 X4

Mic Adapter

Record high-quality audio with a microphone and charge the camera at the same time.

Completely invisible.

Optimized for 360° shooting, the Mic Adapter is completely invisible in 360° photos and videos.

Mic up and charge, simultaneously.

Unlike other mic adapters, you can charge X4 and have a microphone attached.

Securely connected.

A sturdy buckle design keeps the mic firmly attached and allows for easy assembly/removal.

What's in the box?

  • 1 x Insta360 X4 Mic Adapter
  • Dimensions
  • 30.7x15.2x26.2mm (1.2x0.6x1.0in)

  • Weight
  • 6g (0.2oz)

  • Materials
  • Plastic

  • Notes
  • Remove the camera's USB Cover before using this accessory.

    The camera is no longer waterproof when using this accessory.

    This accessory does not support data transfer via the Type-C port.

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