OP/TECH USA Super Classic Combo

SKU: 1001001

Product Highlights

  • Easily switch between three completely different carrying options for mirrorless and SLR cameras—neck strap, wrist strap or shoulder sling
  • Uni-Loop™ connectors (included) enable switching between strap options
  • Super Classic™ neoprene neck/shoulder pad features non-skid surface backing and internal control-stretch system
  • Sling version can be comfortably worn by men or women on either the left or right shoulder
  • Sling's Quick Adjust feature changes length in seconds
$69.00 (inc GST)


Why settle for only one style strap when different shooting situations may dictate an alternative option? The Super Classic Combo™ will let you create a neck strap, a wrist strap or a shoulder sling all in one convenient kit. The Uni-Loop™ connectors attach to the camera's strap connection area and allow the gear to switch between strap options in seconds. Never before has it been so convenient to change your shooting style. Be sure to attach the male Uni-Loop™ connector to the right side of the camera. This insures that when you are using the wrist strap option, it will be connected on the grip side (right) of the camera. 

The Super Classic Combo™ includes one SLR Wrist Strap™ Pad, one Super Classic™ Pad, one Sling Strap Adaptor-Quick Adjust™, a pair of Extensions™ and a pair of Uni-Loops™.

What's in the box?

  • 1 x OP/TECH USA Super Classic Combo
  • Warranty
  • Lifetime warranty

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