VisibleDust EZ Corner2Corner Light Cleaning Kit with 1.0x Orange DHAP Vswabs

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Product Highlights

  • Better value than single liquid
$72.00 (inc GST)


EZ sensor cleaning VDust Plus multi ingradient, Iso alcoholic solution, removes oil fast, evaporates fast, excellent for cleaning mirror with DHAP orange swab, streak free motion, best used with DHAP Orange swab excellent to be used on fluorine coated sensor.

Orange DHAP Vswab patented V shape results best maneuverability inside chamber, used in high end industrial optic cleaning such as space optical lenses, woven fabric prevents scratches, holds liquid the best, thin and extremely soft, only compatible with VDust Plus solution, streak free motion of the swab is due to its patented Vshape, reaches the corner best, excellent for mirror cleaning when used with VDust Plus, not compatible with sensor clean or smear away.

Orange DHAP Corner Swabs™ have been tailored specifically to remove dust build up in those «hard to reach» areas. Only compatible with VDust Plus™ , these swabs were specifically fabricated for cleaning the corners.

Usage Use regular Vswab® to clean the sensor. If the contamination persist at corners and edges, use Corner Swab™ as directed. Use each face once.

What's in the box?

  • Orange DHAP Vswabs® 1.0x (24mm) (9 per pack)
  • Orange DHAP Corner Swabs (3 per pack)
  • Liquid cleaner VDust Plus™ 1.15 ml (2)

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