Arca-Swiss Core 75 Leveler FlipLock

SKU: 860113

Product Highlights

  • 360° Panning on Top and Bottom Base
  • Arc movement keeps camera axis centred
  • Geared micrometric movements
  • Arca-Swiss & monoballFix compatible
  • Fits Monorails of Arca-Swiss Cameras
$1,200.00 (inc GST)


The ARCA-SWISS Core 75 leveler tripod head is characterized by its high precision, simple handling and setup, all perfect for quickly leveling the camera.

In addition to base and top panning mechanisms, the Core 75 leveler is equipped with micro-metric movements of +/- 15 ° each in the X and Y axes.

Fluid and precise movements are provided by two gear driven micro-metric self-locking controlknobs. A telescopic feature of the control knobs provides efficient handling of the Core 75 leveler when larger cameras are mounted or full movement is applied.
As with the ARCA-SWISS Cube, the Core 75 leveler movements work within an arc, keeping the camera centered over the tripod.

The Core 75 leveler, like all tripod heads from ARCA-SWISS, is available with a choice of quick release: Classic, flipLock®, and monoball®Fix. The Classic and flipLock® systems are equipped with a double dovetail so that you can fit the classic camera plates in the upper dovetail and the monoball®Fix to the bottom. The Fix system is compatible with the monoball®Fix plates. All three of them are compatible with the monorails of the ARCA-SWISS cameras.

What's in the box?

  • 1 x Arca-Swiss Core 75 Leveler FlipLock
  • Tripod Connector
  • Diameter Ø body:
    75 mm

    Diameter Ø max. (extended from panorama screw to opposite fine gear toggle):
    119 mm

    Diameter Ø plate tripod socket:
    45 mm

    Height (without quick release):
    58 mm

    Adapter for tripod:
    3/8 thread (with adapter screw #809011 also 1/4 possible)

    Maximum adjustment range in each of the 4 directions:
    15 degrees

    Number of panoramas:
    2 (1x under fine gear, 1x over fine gear)

    Special feature Panorama:
    upper panorama slightly locks in place every 90 degrees

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