Freefly Mōvi Pro Handheld Bundle

SKU: FF 95000057

Product Highlights

  • 3-Axis Motorized Gimbal Stabilizer
  • For Camera Rigs up to 15lb (6.8kg)
  • Keeps Horizon Level and Counteracts Drift
  • 360-Degree Handling Possibilities
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This bundle includes four items:

Mōvi Pro is the most advanced camera movement system ever created.  It offers industry leading performance, flexibility, and ease of use. Mōvi Pro is a lightweight, portable system that allows users to create world class production quality video content quickly and easily.

Mōvi Ring Pro II is designed to allow users to create content more quickly and effectively than ever before. It features a built in stand for instant set down to allow users to rest between shots. The built in stand allows for quick setup and balancing without an accessory stand. The built in stand allows users to execute remote head shots almost anywhere. Simply set the Mōvi Pro on the ground, table, etc and execute complex pan / tilt moves with ease.

MIMIC offers precise and natural control of the Mōvi Pro. Using Freefly’s innovative MIMIC technology, the camera automatically and intuitively follows users movements. MIMIC features a long range 2.4 GHz frequency hopping radio system that provides users access to Mōvi Pro pointing control, status information, menus, and RED camera controls.

Bush Pilot is a compact knob that quick releases to the MIMIC. It gives users the ability to control Focus, Iris, or Zoom on MōVI Pro. Users can quickly change between axis of control via the MIMIC screen. Bush Pilot is the first in a series of control accessories that Freefly will be releasing to help users execute any shot they can dream of. It will be Freefly's most compact, and affordable F/I/Z input control option.

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What's in the box?

  • 1 x Mōvi Pro
  • 1 x Mōvi Ring Pro II
  • 1 x MIMIC with Handlebars
  • 1 x Bush Pilot Lens Control Knob
  • 2x Mōvi Pro Battery Pack 1.8Ah
  • 2x Mōvi Pro Battery Charger
  • 1 x Mōvi Pro Adjustable Camera Plate
  • 1 x Mōvi Adjustable Top Camera Plate
  • 1 x Mōvi Hot Shoe Mount
  • 1 x COM to Mōvi Controller Receiver Cable
  • 1 x Mōvi Rod Mount Adapter
  • 2 x LiPo Charging Bag
  • 2 x Bolt ⅜ -16 x ⅝”
  • 2 x Bolt ¼ -20 x ½”
  • 2 x Bolt ¼ -20 x ⅜”
  • 1 x 2.00mm Hex Driver
  • 1 x 2.50mm Hex Driver
  • Tripod Connector
  • Weight (w/o batteries):

    Camera cage dimensions:
    196 x 200 x 175mm (L*W*H)

    Maximum payload:

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